Voice Over Processing

Whether you have voice over recorded for your game, video or project, sometimes it just needs some extra polish, while other times it may need a lot more attention.

When you want that professional sound quality, or when re-recording isn’t an option, I can provide you with that extra shiny polish, or be the the lifeboat your lines may need.

Here are just some of the many issues you may come across when dealing with Voice Over

– Annoying hum or background noise

– Echoes or reverb due to a less than ideal environment

– Muddyness, or lack of clarity due to the microphone used

– Plosives and sharp sibilance in the performance

– Varying volume levels on different takes or across different performers

– Lines which may need to be cut shorter for appropriate playback

– Performances where lines are not consistent.

It’s hard enough creating art, so why not leave the issues of voice over to someone like me, who can take care of all the above? In addition, I will run any vocals through analog software for that extra professional touch.

Be it a few lines, a small project or a large project, I got you covered. Please contact me below if you are interested, or have any questions.

Don’t let the quality of your project be less then it could be, simply be the best.

Voice Over Restoration Examples
Voice Over Before Restoration
Voice Over After Restoration

Voice Over Processing Examples
Voice Over Before
Voice Over After